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Yo-Kai Watch The Movie 1 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie (1080p Full HD)

Yo-Kai Watch The Movie 1

Yo Kai Watch Movie 1 Hindi Dubbed Download

Hindi Dubbed By Pogo

Movie Info

Name : Yo-kai Watch: Tanjō no Himitsu da Nyan!

Release Year : 2014 (Hindi Release 26 March 2017 – Pogo)

Quality : 720P HD

Language : Hindi

Size : 360p – 410MB

480P – 620MB

720P – 1.2GB/930MB

Movie Story : When the evil Yo-kai Kin, Gin, and Bronzlow steal the Yo-kai Watch from Nate Adams one night to help their master Dame Dedtime prevent humans and Yo-kai from being friends, Nate finds help in the Yo-kai Hovernyan who takes Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan back in time 60 years to when the Yo-kai Watch was first invented by Nate’s own grandfather Nathaniel while he was a kid. Together, the two boys fight Dame Dedtime and her evil Wicked Yo-kai minions to save the world from her evil plans.


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