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Transformers Robots in Disguise Hindi Dubbed Episodes (720p HD)

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Summoned by Optimus Prime to save Earth from a new Decepticon threat, Bumblebee puts his light-hearted mettle to the test after assembling a rouge team of young Autobot action heroes.

Season 01 Complete Season

Episode 01 – Pilot – Part 1
Given a mysterious request by believed-dead OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE begins a new mission on Earth, accidentally joined by enthusiastic Autobot law enfrorcement cadet STRONGARM and bad boy SIDESWIPE. Investigating a crashed Cybertronian prison ship that has spilled the worst Decepticon fugitives all over the planet, the unlikely team encounters human father and son DENNY and RUSSELL, prison ship caretaker Mini-Con FIXIT, apparently-wrongly-convicted Dinobot GRIMLOCK, and UNDERBITE, a metal-consuming Decepticon fugitive who most definitely was not wrongly convicted, and who sets his sights on the gleaming skyscrapers of a nearby metropolis.

Episode 02 – Pilot – Part 2
Bumblebee’s new team and their allies struggle desperately to keep Underbite from chowing down on the metal spires of Crown City, but their unfamiliarity with each other creates much conflict before the Autobots finally figure a way to bring the Decepticon down, assisted by Optimus, who is apparently not quite deceased. With their mission accomplished, Optimus tells Bee and his squad that capturing the escaped Decepticon fugitives isn’t the only, or hardest, task they will face in the near future. Denny and Russell agree to let the Autobots use the Scrapyard as their home base for the duration of their stay on Earth.

Episode 03 – Trust Exercises
Bumblebee tries to build trust between his young charges in order to make a better team, but their immaturity makes the job difficult. Sideswipe and Strongarm in particular have a love-hate relationship, so when two Decepticon alerts come in simultaneously, Bee sends them to check out one while he and Grimlock investigate the other. Sideswipe and Strongarm encounter Steeljaw, a sly ‘Con with designs on turning Earth into a Decepticon homeland, while Bee and Grimlock confront Hammerstrike, a Sharkticon looking to pump oil into the waters off Crown City in order to make it more like his natural habitat. The two pairs of heroes only succeed when they work together, a small step on the road to becoming a formidable team.

Episode 04 – More Than Meets the Eye
As Russell struggles to fit in with local kids by joining their touch football game, Fixit’s feeling a little left out among his fellow ‘Bots, given that he remains behind when they go on missions. Fixit gets his chance to go where the action is when Decepticon combiner Chop Shop, who can split his body into five independent pieces, steals jet fuel for a ship he’s building to help him escape Earth. When one of his pieces is waylaid, Chop Shop forces Fixit to become his fifth piece. The Mini-Con discovers unknown depths of courage, fighting Chop Shop’s control enough to allow his friends to bring the Decepticon in. After the mission, Fixit decides to stay in the Scrapyard, where he can be most of use to the team.

Episode 05 – W.W.O.D.?
With Bumblebee struggling to find his own leadership style and not simply ape Optimus’, the Autobots head into Crown City for the first time when they learn scientists have located a stasis pod and taken it to the Natural History Museum for study. With Denny and Russell providing a cover story, the ‘Bots sneak into the museum, but not in time to keep Buffaloid Decepticon Terrashock from breaking out of his pod. While chasing Terrashock through the museum and apprehending him on the streets of Crown City, Bumblebee learns the best way for him to lead is to simply be himself and trust his own instincts.

Episode 06 – As the Kospego Commands
Strange purchase requests by locals visiting the Scrapyard lead our heroes to realize that a Decepticon is posing as a local legend in order to acquire the parts he needs to build a SpaceBridge that will let him escape Earth. Tired of taking orders, Sideswipe breaks off from the team during the search, and when the Decepticon is revealed as Cybertronian crime-boss Thunderhoof, the young Autobot seems to seriously consider the ‘Con’s job offer, since it will get him off Earth. But Sideswipe’s crisis of loyalty proves to be a ruse, and he turns the tables on Thunderhoof, helping his friends apprehend the crook and destroy the SpaceBridge.

Episode 07 – Collect ‘Em All
A giant crow-like Decepticon named Filch has been obeying its obsessive urges and stealing shiny objects around Crown City, from motor homes to power poles to bridge supports. Bee and his team go out after the criminal, with Denny providing a cover story, leaving Russell, Fixit and Grimlock behind to deal with Larry LaRue, an unscrupulous memorabilia collector with a new scam for getting his hands on Denny’s collection. Meanwhile, Filch mistakenly grabs Denny for her own collection, putting him atop the Crown City Colossus statue. The Autobots stage a daring raid to rescue Denny and capture Filch.

Episode 08 – True Colors
After an unsuccessful mission, Grimlock suddenly and unexpectedly attacks his teammates without provocation. After Grim threatens Russell and then makes off with the stasis pod holding Underbite, the Autobots wonder if Grimlock is simply showing his true colors as a Decepticon. But they study the clues and determine the Dinobot has been “possessed” by MINITRON, a small Decepticon with the ability to seize control of the brain and body of another. Our heroes track Grimlock to an abandoned steel mill, where they learn Steeljaw is pulling Minitron’s strings in an effort to build his army for a takeover of Earth. The Bee Team frees Grimlock from Minitron’s control, but Steeljaw manages to escape.

Episode 09 – Rumble in the Jungle
After weeks of pleading to be allowed to go on a solo assignment, Strongarm gets her wish, only to be followed by worry wart Bumblebee, who frets over the dangers she might find. At first furious over Bee’s over-protectiveness, Strongarm agrees to let him tag along as an “observer.” Soon they find a maniacally obsessed Decepticon, Springload, searching jungle ruins for the mythical Cybertronian city of Doradus. He’s determined to find the city at all costs, and Strongarm must put aside her pride and accept the help of her team leader if they’re going to capture this dangerous enemy.

Episode 10 – Can You Dig It?
Renowned Autobot Jazz pays a visit to Earth to check on his old pal Bumblebee, and Sideswipe becomes determined to impress him. His efforts drive the team to distraction, and endanger their mission when a crafty, but insecure, Decepticon named Ped plots to steal our heroes’ supply of Energon from the Scrapyard. First, Ped tunnels under Crown City, destabilizing its foundations, to draw the Bots away from home. When that problem is solved, the Bee Team returns to the Scrapyard and play a dangerous game of “whack a mole” with the criminal. Only when Sideswipe learns not to worry so much about what others think and just be himself are the Autobots able to make the capture.

Episode 11 – Adventures in Bumblebee-sitting!
While in pursuit of a porcupine-like Decepticon named QUILLFIRE, Bumblebee is struck by the fugitive’s quills, which lower his maturity level to that of a hyperactive child. The rest of the team, left without a leader, has their hands full trying to keep Bee and his pranks under control, but when Quillfire, a self-styled militant, attacks a fair, seeking to free the animals there in the name of the “revolution,” Bee flees his friends’ custody to see the carnival. Bumblebee’s new temperament and energy level bring about the solution for capturing Quillfire. Their quarry secured, the Autobots chain Bee up until the toxin wears off and he’s back to normal, leaving a very confused team leader wondering what happened.

Episode 12 – Hunting Season
Investigating a Decepticon signal, the Bee Team is surprised to find two Cybertronian bounty hunters, both Deployers of Mini-Cons: Honor-driven DRIFT and his students JETSTORM and SLIPSTREAM, as well as duplicitous FRACTURE and his henchbots AIRAZOR and DIVEBOMB. Both are out to collect a bounty on Bumblebee, but when Bee saves Drift’s life, Drift pledges to keep Bee safe from Fracture. Fracture engineers a nefarious trap that waylays most of Bee’s team. Bee and Drift butt heads over Drift’s rigid ways, but find enough common ground to come together and defeat Fracture. Drift and his pupils depart, promising to never return seeking the bounty.

Episode 13 – Out of Focus
Bee is frustrated because his team members are distracted from their work by petty things, and Bee’s frustration distracts him as well! When a band of Skunkticons threaten a local dam, the various distractions make the Bee Team easy prey for the Decepticons, until Bee remembers a valuable lesson given to him by Optimus. Only then can Bee get his teammates on the same page and rally to defeat the Skunkticons. Meanwhile, in the Realm of the Primes, Optimus struggles with a challenge presented to him by Micronus that apparently puts human lives at risk. Optimus battles bravely, but it isn’t until he sees through the combat to the real objective of Micronus’ test that he is successful.

Episode 14 – Sideways
Catching Strongarm sneaking back into the Scrapyard after an unexcused absence, Sideswipe blackmails her into doing all his chores. Even as the team searches for Decepticon Clampdown, a Cybertronian blackmailer resembling a crab, Sideswipe uses his leverage over Strongarm to get out of duties he doesn’t want to perform. Clampdown is Steeljaw’s next target for recruitment, so the race is on to capture Clampdown before that can happen. The Bee Team battles Steeljaw’s pack in the Crown City landfill, threatening to crash a garbage scow into a tour boat, before Clampdown gets away with the bad guys. And when Bumblebee proves to know all about Strongarm’s trips away from the Scrapyard, Sideswipe goes back to doing his own chores.

Episode 15 – Even Robots Have Nightmares
After Russell boasts that he can’t be scared, he and the team rush off to investigate a Decepticon signal coming from a spooky cave network. As Russell and Fixit wait outside, the Autobots and Denny enter the caves, and one by one they’re captured by NIGHTSTRIKE, a Decepticon bat that feeds off the fear energy of his victims. The fugitive plunges our heroes into nightmares of their worst fears. After Fixit is also taken prisoner, Russell bravely follows his friends into the caves, and he feels a twinge of terror at being all alone with so much riding on him. But he faces his fears, snaps the Autobots out of their trances, and together they end Nightstrike’s brief reign of terror.

Episode 16 – Some Body, Any Body
Separated from the team while searching Crown City’s subway tunnels for a Decepticon, Sideswipe is captured, becoming the test subject of Vertebreak, a Decepticon mad scientist with a fondness for body-swapping. Vertebreak places his own head on Sideswipe’s body, while keeping Sideswipe’s head in a jar in his laboratory. Vertebreak then proceeds to test Sideswipe’s body by pitting it against the other Autobots. Bumblebee locates Sideswipe’s head, his young charge having fallen into the deepest despair, now that he feels that he can’t use his physical capabilities to help. But when Vertebreak attacks all the Autobots at once, Sideswipe discovers he can contribute with strategy and ideas, which help win the day. Sideswipe gets his body back and Vertebreak becomes the team’s latest capture.

Episode 17 – One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing
Claiming he “had to” leave Drift’s tutelage, Jetstorm comes to Earth to study under “Commander Russell,” and Drift arrives soon after to reclaim his pupil. The dispute between Jetstorm and Drift is put on hold when Quillfire and Springload escape and steal a prototype military tank. Teaming once more with his fellow Mini-Con Slipstream and their teacher, Jetstorm helps the Autobots stop the runaway Decepticons. After the battle, the rift between Jetstorm and Drift proves to be a misunderstanding, and the stoic bounty hunter and his Mini-Cons elect to remain with Bee and company to study their team dynamic.

Episode 18 – Deep Trouble
During a training session, Grimlock suffers a serious injury, but keeps it hidden from the team because he wants them to know they can depend on him. When the Autobots journey to the bottom of the sea to prevent Decepticon Octopunch from escaping Earth in a sunken Cybertronian spacecraft, and the team must race through the ship to confront their foe, Grimlock’s wound threatens to derail the mission. Only when the Dinobot accepts help is the Bee Team able to bring down Octopunch. Grimlock learns that a team is only as strong as its weakest member, and that keeping information from teammates for reasons of pride can put everyone in danger.

Episode 19 – The Champ
Decepticon Gladiator Groundpounder, with the help of his conniving manager Headlock, insinuates himself into a demolition derby and starts taking down all challengers. When Bee, Strongarm, Sideswipe and Drift are stranded on the far side of the globe by the Bots’ balky GroundBridge, Grimlock goes “undercover” as a new derby contestant, aided by Denny, Russell and Fixit. Grimlock is supremely confident in his combat skills, but finds he can’t contend with Groundpounder without help from gladiatorial combat fan Fixit. As the rest of the team races back home, Grim decks Groundpounder, Fixit corrals cheating Headlock, and Russell crowns them both the new champions of the derby.

Episode 20 – The Trouble with Fixit
When Fixit’s “glitches” grow worse, the team decides to try and repair him once and for all. Denny nervously performs the procedure, and winds up unlocking previously unknown programming within the Mini-Con. Fixit becomes a heavily-armed, single-minded prison guard who regards the Autobots as escaped Decepticons. The Bee Team tries to subdue Fixit without hurting him, but only succeed when Fixit is distracted by a real escaping Decepticon. Denny restores Fixit to his lovably glitchy self, and the Bee Team decides to leave him well enough alone.

Episode 21 – Lock Out
Steeljaw and his Pack cleverly lure the Bee Team away from the Scrapyard, and then overrun outmatched Denny, Russell and Fixit to seize control of the Autobots’ base. Locking the heroes out with a subsonic field, the Decepticons turn their attention to freeing their captive brethren. Denny, Russell and Fixit sneakily stall the bad bots long enough for Bumblebee, Drift, Sideswipe and Strongarm to devise a way to get back in. Our heroes manage to re-secure their prisoners before they can get out of their stasis pods, but thwarted Steeljaw and his allies manage to escape.

Episode 22 – Similarly Different
Grimlock itches to do more smashing than his duties on the Bee Team will allow, but he tamps down his cravings in order to be a law-abiding good guy. When he meets fellow destruction-loving Dinobot, Scowl, while patrolling, however, Grimlock finds himself tempted once more to give in to those urges, but stays on the side of the law. Believing his new pal to be good at heart, like Grim himself is, Grimlock lets Scowl go. But when Scowl’s next rampage directly endangers innocent humans, Grim must put aside his species loyalty for the greater good and bring down the destructive Dinobot.

Episode 23 – The Buzz on Windblade
Sideswipe, on patrol, meets and becomes infatuated with Windblade, a Decepticon-hunting Autobot sent to Earth many years before. When he introduces Windblade to his teammates, Sideswipe’s evident interest in her rankles Strongarm. As a group, they all head to a nearby airport, where Decepticon Zizza has used her mind-control abilities to assume command of the facility, endangering personnel and incoming planes. Windblade acquits herself well in the battle, earning Strongarm’s respect, and Strongarm puts aside her personal issues long enough to find the key to beating the Decepticon, earning Windblade’s.

Episode 24 – Ghosts and Imposters
Determined to show his young charges something great about Earth, Bee takes the team to a western ghost town. At first, the Autobots are thoroughly bored, but when a tour bus arrives, the Bee Team mischievously plays tricks on the passengers by making it seem the town is really haunted. After the bus leaves, the Bots start to wonder if there really are ghosts in the town when strange things start happening. But the true culprit proves to be shape-shifting Decepticon Pseudo, who happens to be hiding there. Mistaken identity issues complicate the bad bot’s capture, but once that’s taken care of, a glorious sunset shows the young heroes something great about their adopted planet.

Episode 25 – Battlegrounds, Pt. 1
Though Optimus’ training in the Realm of the Primes is not complete, the Great Evil he’s been told of is approaching, and the Primes lend Optimus a fragment of their collected power before sending him to Earth to face it. Meanwhile, on Earth, Strongarm and Sideswipe are captured by Steeljaw’s Pack, but before the ‘Cons can do anything with their prisoners, the mysterious First Decepticon orders Steeljaw to begin construction of the gateway that will bring the master villain to Crown City from another dimension. Bumblebee and Drift set out to find their friends, and track them to the Crown City Colossus, where they find the Pack building the gateway. Optimus arrives at the Scrapyard, and speeds to locate Bumblebee, reaching the Colossus just as the gateway activates and MEGATRONUS comes to Earth.

Episode 26 – Battlegrounds, Pt. 2 Season Finale!
Optimus, abetted by the power of the Primes and a Prime Decepticon Hunter, takes on Megatronus alone, while Bee frees his teammates. Megatronus is too powerful for Optimus, and waylays the Prime. Wanting revenge against both Earth and Cybertron for previous defeats, Megatronus summons the AllSpark from Cybertron, intending to pair it with the AntiSpark at the center of the Earth, knowing the combination of the two will destroy both planets. Feeling betrayed, having been promised the Earth by Megatronus, Steeljaw attacks the “First Decepticon” and is quickly dispatched. The Bee Team joins their strengths with Optimus’, combining their three Decepticon Hunters together to gain increased power and better armor. Together, they are able to send the AllSpark back to Cybertron, and seemingly destroy Megatronus. In the aftermath, Optimus acknowledges the leader Bee has become, and decides to stay on Earth for the foreseeable future.

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