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The Ghost crew receives a tip about Imperial activity around the planet Geonosis and go to investigate only to find the planet completely devoid of life and evidence of a large weapon having been constructed in orbit. When the crew boards one of the abandoned construction modules, they are ambushed by Agent Kallus. Most of the crew is able to escape back to the ship, but Zeb is forced to take an escape pod. Kallus pursues Zeb into the pod, which gets damaged during their struggle and the pair crash land on one of Geonosis’ icy moons. Kallus’ leg is injured in the crash, and he and Zeb are forced to work together to survive by fending off hostile monsters and climbing out of the cave they are trapped in. During this, Kallus admits to Zeb that he respects Lasats as warriors, though he has a dislike of them due to his first squad being wiped out by a Lasat. He also reveals he was forced to give the execution orders on Lasan and did not agree with the Empire’s decision to exterminate the Lasats. Upon reaching the surface, they activate their emergency transponder. The Ghost arrives to rescue Zeb shortly after. Kallus wishes to take his chances and wait for Imperial rescue rather than be a Rebel prisoner, and both he and Zeb part ways with a newfound respect for each other. Returning to his Star Destroyer, Kallus is greeted rather coldly, even by Imperial standards, and the episode concludes with him sitting in his quarters, deep in thought.

Episode 32 Hindi Dub Watch Online

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Episode 32 Hindi Dub Download

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