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The Ghost crew is on a mission to capture a fuel shipment from the Mining Guild to the Empire, in order to restock the Rebel fleet’s own dwindling supplies. While travelling to the Guild’s asteroid refinery, the Ghost encounters a flock of Purrgil, space-travelling creatures whom Hera considers dangerous. However, Ezra manages to establish contact with them through the Force and learns that his crew and the Purrgil actually pursue the same basic goal, if for slightly differing priorities. Upon reaching the Mining Guild base, the crew finds the Mining Guild attempting to exterminate the Purrgil. Kanan decides to raid the base, steal the shipment, and then destroy the base by igniting the rest of the fuel. However, Ezra stops him when he realizes that the Purrgil also need the fuel. When it appears as if the Mining Guild forces will overwhelm the crew, the Purrgil arrive and attack the Mining Guild, giving the crew the time they need to escape with the fuel. As the Ghost flies away, the crew witnesses the Purrgil going into hyperspace, confirming rumors that they are a migratory species capable of faster-than-light travel without technology.

Episode 30 Hindi Dub Watch Online

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Episode 30 Hindi Dub Download

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