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With the Empire tightening its cordon around Lothal, the Rebels look for a new smuggling route. Hera and Sabine head out to the world of Concord Dawn to request safe passage from the Protectors, the Mandalorian faction that controls the world. However, the Protectors reveal that they have sided with the Empire and immediately attack. Hera and Sabine manage to escape, but Hera is critically wounded. Kanan and Sabine return to Concord Dawn, with Kanan still wanting to negotiate with the Protectors and Sabine wanting to get revenge for Hera. They discover the Protector’s leader, Fenn Rau (Kevin McKidd), is being bribed by the Empire. Kanan meets with Rau, revealing that Rau had saved his life during the Clone Wars. Meanwhile, Sabine attempts to sabotage the Protectors’ fighters but is caught. She reveals to the Protectors that she is from House Vizsla, and challenges Rau to single combat. Working together, Kanan and Sabine capture Rau, and he agrees to allow the Rebels safe passage through Concord Dawn.

Episode 28 Hindi Dub Watch Online

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Episode 28 Hindi Dub Download

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