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Pokemon (Season 10) Diamond and Pearl Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)

Pokemon Season 10

Pokémon (Season 10) Diamond and Pearl Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD), Pokemon Season 10 in Hindi Download, Pokemon Season 10 in Hindi Dubbed Download, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in Hindi Download

Dubbed By Cartoon Network

Series Info

Name : Pokemon Season 10

Release Year : 2005

Quality : 480p

Language : Hindi

Size : 130MB

Synopsis : The Diamond & Pearl series is different from the previous two series in that it is more story driven. While there are fewer episodes dedicated to Ash’s Gym quest or the resident Coordinator’s (currently Dawn) Contest quest than previous series had in the same amount of time, more captures, more departures, and more rivals have been introduced when compared to earlier series.


Disney XD Dub Hindi Episodes

Episode 01 – Following a Maiden’s Voyage

[MEGA]    [Google Drive]    [Openload]


Episode 02 – Two Degrees of Separation

[MEGA]    [Google Drive]    [Openload]


Episode 03 – When Pokémon Worlds Collide

[MEGA]    [Google Drive]    [Openload]


Episode 04 – Dawn of a New Era

[MEGA]    [Google Drive]    [Openload]


Episode 05 – Gettin’ Twiggy with It

[MEGA]    [Google Drive]    [Openload]


Episode 06 – Different Strokes for Different Blokes

[MEGA]    [Yandex.Disk]


Episode 07 – Like it or Lup it

[MEGA]    [Yandex.Disk]


Episode 08 – Gymbaliar

[MEGA]    [Yandex.Disk]


Episode 09 – Setting the World on its Buneary

[MEGA]    [Yandex.Disk]


Episode 10 – Not on MY Watch Ya Don’t

[MEGA]    [Yandex.Disk]


Episode 11 – Mounting a Coordinator Assault

[MEGA]    [Yandex.Disk]


Episode 12 – Arrival of a Rival

[MEGA]    [Yandex.Disk]


Some Cartoon Network Dub Episodes

Pokemon Seasons in Hindi


Season 1 – Indigo League
Season 2 – Orange Islands
Season 3 – Johto Journeys
Season 4 – Johto League Champions
Season 5 – Master Quest
Season 6 – Advanced
Season 7 – Advanced Challenge
Season 8 – Advanced Battle
Season 9 – Battle Frontier
Season 10 – Diamond and Pearl
Season 13 – DP Sinoh League Victors
Season 14 – Black and White
Season 17 – XY


Pokemon Movies in Hindi


Movie 1 – Mewto Ka Badla
Movie 1 Special – Mewto Returns
Movie 2 – Ash Pikachu Aur Lugia in Danger
Movie 3 – Unown Ka Tehelka
Movie 4 – Khatre Ka Jungle
Movie 5 – Soul Dew Ka Raaz
Movie 6 – Jirachi Ka Wonder
Movie 7 – Deoxy Aur Tory Ki Story
Movie 8 – Lucario Ki Toofani Shakti
Movie 10 – Darkrai Dost Ya Dushman
Pikachu Winter Vacation Special
Pokemon XY Mega Special
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