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The show is set in an alternate timeline to Men in Black, the film series, where Agent K never retired and J is still an inexperienced agent. Most episodes don’t go into the next episode or a later one similar to tv shows like Miami Vice but some do like the one with Buzzard. At one point J gets the boot from MIB for driving K’s car without his consent and crashing it then J gets brought back. Some of K’s origins are expanded upon while J occasionally encounters someone from his past like several members of the NYPD. Agent L initially works in the lab but later on transfers to the field in season 4 after being partnered with alien Agent X. Some episodes deal with things related to the Men in Black film like the photo K showed J of a meeting between the humans and the MIB in the 1960’s which was occurs around the same time J uses a headphone like device that increases his intelligence but also make his head grow large until it bursts like a ballon.

Hindi Episodes

Episode 01 – The Long Goodbye Syndrome

Episode 02 – The Buzzard Syndrome

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