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Ghost Stories (Ghost at School) Episode 03 Hindi Dubbed

Episode 3 – Raise the Curtains! The Cursed School Arts Festival! Kutabe

Satsuki’s class decide to stage a drama. Keita, the student playing the lead role, which sees his character get cursed by a ghost and almost killed, wants to avoid acting in the play. He is afraid because of a story he read about an actor who played a similar role and subsequently died under mysterious circumstances. He wishes for the gymnasium to catch fire so the show will be cancelled, the gym is then struck by lightning and goes on fire. The damage to the gym means the festival is moved to the old school house. He gets injured when a basketball net falls on him and Leo, as his understudy, replaces him. A kitsune-like ghost, Kutabe (くたべ?), which haunts the fourth step of an old stairway near the school is behind the incidents. It has the power to make any statement or wish spoken on that step come true. The stairs are demolished by construction workers allowing Kutabe to appear on stage during the play. When Leo gets on stage and starts performing, the ghost almost overpowers him, but is sealed away by the rest of the group before it harms Leo.

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Ghost Stories Hindi Episodes

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