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Dragon Ball Z (Season 8) Babidi and Majin Buu Sagas Hindi Dubbed Episodes (720p HD)

Dragon Ball Z (Season 8) Babidi and Majin Buu Sagas

Dragon Ball Z Season 8 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download/Watch Online

Dubbed By Cartoon Network India

Series Info

Name : Dragon Ball Z – Babidi and Majin Buu Sagas

Release Year : 1994-1995

Quality : 720p

Language : Hindi

Size : 360p – 80MB

480P – 120MB

720P – 250MB

Synopsis : The story continues from the World Tournament Saga. The Z Fighters are still searching for Spopovich and Yamu. They come across a spaceship and watch secretly as Spopovich and Yamu meet with Pui Pui, followed by the Demon King Dabura and the wizard Babidi. Majin Buu was a creature that had existed since time immemorial. He was summoned from out of his long slumber millions of years ago by the evil wizard Bibidi, long after the existence of Majin Buu. Following Bibidi’s orders, Majin Buu destroyed countless worlds and murdered billions but as time went by Majin Buu became more and more difficult for Bibidi to control. Because of this Bibidi began to seal Majin Buu up in a magic ball as they moved between worlds. Once they arrived Bibidi would cast a spell that would unleash Majin Buu upon the planet, and when Majin Buu was finished, another spell would lock him up again.

Hindi Dubbed Episodes

DBZ S08 Episode List (Complete Season)

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  • Today I give you some information about cartoon Network India dragon Ball dragon Ball z dragon Ball gt dragon Ball super. Dubbing problemes cartoon Network air dragon Ball not dragon Ball z first sirez is dragon Ball 2 seriz is DBZ 3 series dbgt dbz!Kai same DBZ dbzkai clossley to manga and quality improvement Hd Full 4 sriez is dbgt cartoon Network not air dbgt for unexpected reason dragon Ball air but some episodes but removed the episode dragon Ball super dubed in English by bang soon in Toonami India own by cni or Toonami India reserve the right Hindi duubing not available yet read the message. The Hindi language dub is one of the Indian languages dub, along with Tamil and Telugu. This dub was done by Cartoon Network (India), and the episodes are a sole property of the channel which have not been released on any of the other platforms like DVDs and Online, other than Television.

    Dragon Ball

    The original Dragon Ball was not dubbed fully. There is no official statement, but many people have spotted commercials and some dubbed episodes of Dragon Ball during 2009-2010. Speculations say that a hindi dub must have been planned, but was cancelled due to currently unknown reasons (probably, due to giving more encouragement to native shows).
    Dragon Ball Z

    “The Hindi dub of Dragon Ball Z is a redub of all original FUNimation episodes and Movies consisting of the same scripts and names.”
    Dragon Ball Z was the first Dragon Ball series to be aired on Indian Television. Dragon Ball Z and its movies 1 to 13, were dubbed in Hindi. Dragon Ball Z debuted on India’s version of Cartoon Network during 2001. Since then, it has been broadcasted several times along with the English, Tamil and Telugu dubs on Cartoon Network (India)’s main channel and Toonami (India). Hindi dub of Dragon Ball Z is a redub of FUNimation dub. It uses all Ocean and FUNimation scripts and names. Since, Hindi dub has used all the source material from FUNimation, episodes 1 to 53 of Dragon Ball Z were notable for using Shuki Levy’s music from the Ocean/Saban dub, making it the first non-North American dub to not use Shunsuke Kikuchi’s original soundtrack. From episode 54, the dub began using Kikuchi’s music (with added Background Music used to fill silent moments), as Levy’s score was originally stopped being used after season two. Inspite of being based on FUNimation dub, it never uses Bruce Faulconer’s score. As well as using it’s music, the dub also used the edited footage and scripts from the Ocean/Saban dub. The scripts from episode 54 onwards were slightly revised versions of FUNimation’s scripts for those episodes with FUNimation’s footage. The footage was slightly edited to avoid nudity and to hide scenes unsuitable to children.
    Rock The Dragon

    A Hindi-language version of Saban Entertainment’s “Rock the Dragon” was used as the opening. Even the movies contained the same opening.
    Hindi lyrics:
    Dragon Ball Z..Ball Z (x2)…
    Dragon Ball Z!
    Dragon Dragon, Ye hai Dragon,
    Dragon Ball Z (x2)
    Dekho Dekho kitni power hai hum mein abhi
    Dushmanon ko hum maza chakha denge yuheen
    Dragon Dragon, Ye hai Dragon, Dragon Ball Z (x2)
    Iss Duniya ke dushmanon se kehdo jaake abhi
    Humse uljho ge toh bach na paao ge kabhi
    Jo bhi humse panga lena chahega kabhi,
    Uski toh hum ek pal mein hum kardenge aisiee
    Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z!
    English Translation:
    Dragon Ball Z…Ball Z (x2)…
    Dragon Ball Z!
    Dragon Dragon, This is Dragon,
    Dragon Ball Z (x2)
    Watch how much power we have in us now,
    We can simply teach a lesson to our enemies.
    Dragon Dragon, This is Dragon,
    Dragon Ball Z (x2)
    Now, go and tell the enemies of this world
    You will not be spared if you mess with us.
    Whosever tries to mess with us sometime,
    We will screw him in a few moments.
    Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z!
    Dragon Ball GT

    Dragon Ball GT was never dubbed in Hindi or any other Indian language. It was never broadcasted on the main channel in any language. (This was probably due to les

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