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Detective Conan Case Closed Episode 9 Hindi Dubbed

Detective Conan Case Closed Season 1 Episode 9 Hindi Dubbed

Episode 9 – Tenkaichi Festival Murder Case

Conan, Rachel, and Richard attend a Festival when Salvadore Everson, a famous writer, is murdered. Conan is certain Nicodemus Stanley, Salvadore’s partner, is the murderer. Nicodemus has a perfect alibi substantiated with photographs. Conan re-examines the photo and with supporting clues is able to prove that Nicodemus is the murderer. Through Richard, Conan explains that the pictures were taken at the festival the previous year using the same camera. Nicodemus saved the camera until the day of the murder. As proof he points out that some of the pictures show an untanned line on Nicodemus’ wrist. Nicodemus discloses that he murdered Salvadore out of vengeance, as his first published work was stolen by Salvadore.


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