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Detective Conan Case Closed Episode 24 Hindi Dubbed

Detective Conan Case Closed Season 1 Episode 24 Hindi Dubbed

Episode 24 – Cruise Ship Serial Murder Case (Part 2)

Conan finds Joseph’s crime scene strange and believes Theodore is being framed. The boat suddenly loses power and Lucus, Joseph’s grandson, is stabbed in the dark. Everyone is suspicious of each other and accusations are made. Searching the rooms for Theodore, Conan finds the evidence to prove Theodore’s innocence. Conan, through Richard proves Lucus is the murderer. He was in love with Susanna (his cousin), and she was engaged to Theodore. Lucus confesses that Joseph rejected his proposal for marriage with Susanna and humiliated him. When Lucus learned about Theodore’s past he murdered Joseph and framed Theodore. Theodore tells Susanna he did indeed plan to avenge his father. but ending up falling in love with her instead; he accepted a much better future with her over petty revenge


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