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Detective Conan Case Closed Episode 23 Hindi Dubbed

Detective Conan Case Closed Season 1 Episode 23 Hindi Dubbed

Episode 23 – Cruise Ship Serial Murder Case (Part 1)

Richard, Rachel, and Conan miss the boat home after a vacation and accept a ride with the rich Hannigan family on their private ship. Joseph, the head of the Hannigan family, is murdered and the evidence points to Theodore Zimmers who has vengeance as a motive. Theodore’s father committed suicide when his company was taken over by the Hannigan family. Theodore is locked in a cabin as he is suspected of the murder. Everyone in the family is interested in the Hannigan inheritance. They are shocked to find out that the will left by Joseph gives the inheritance to Susanna, Joseph’s granddaughter. Another Hannigan family member, Shannon, is found dead and Theodore is missing from the storage room.


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