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Detective Conan Case Closed Episode 10 Hindi Dubbed

Detective Conan Case Closed Season 1 Episode 10 Hindi Dubbed

Episode 10 – Blackmailing A Pro Soccer Player Case

A girl named Reina shows up at Richard’s office asking for Jimmy Kudo, her boyfriend. Conan tells her that Jimmy will contact her later. Rachel and Conan decide to go to Reina’s apartment and wait for Jimmy. Conan discovers that Mathias, a star soccer player Harrison Akagi’s little brother, has been kidnapped. The kidnapper demands that Harrison lose a game or he will never see Mathias again. Using a clue from Mathias’ video game, they locate him at the house of Harrison’s friend and rival, Nicholas. Nicholas reveals he did it as revenge against Harrison who broke Nicholas’ leg during practice, sabotaging his chance to become a star soccer player. Nicolas regrets his actions when Harrison announces on television that he wished Nicholas was there because they could have scored more goals together.


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