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Episode 2 – The Hokage’s Son!

Shino explains how the role of the Academy has changed, teaching a broader curriculum than in the past, when only shinobi skills were taught. Boruto returns from his two week suspension. Inojin notices him through the window. After Boruto arrives in his classroom, the other students begin gossiping about him, which Boruto ignores. Chōchō and Sumire ask Sarada about Boruto. Sarada says she finds him annoying, and the other two gush about Naruto. Inojin bluntly says what everyone else is thinking about Boruto. Boruto extends his hand in friendship, but Inojin refuses, considering him to be untrustworthy. Sumire tries defusing the situation. Shino arrives at the classroom. During practice to assess everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, Denki tells Boruto he got the second best time. The one with the best time, Iwabe, isn’t there. Boruto tries joining other students for lunch, but they hurry out of the classroom. Iwabe antagonises Boruto over being the Hokage’s son, seeing the current state of the Academy as being soft, despite having flunked twice. Denki speaks in Boruto’s defence, Iwabe going for him next. Boruto stops Iwabe from hurting Denki. The class watches nervously, while Inojin is amused. Shino arrives at an empty classroom after talking with Anko. The class watches the two fighting, Iwabe even saying he won’t use his weapon. Boruto and Iwabe are both impressed with each other’s skills. Iwabe is frustrated he can’t graduate only with shinobi related subjects. After a solid strike on him, Iwabe begins using Earth Release, creating an earth hammer. Inojin takes the hammer out of his reach with his drawings, and points out Iwabe broke his own rule on not using his weapon. Iwabe realises his mistake and decides to start attending class again. The atmosphere in the class improves as Shino arrives to teach.


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