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Episode 1 – Boruto Uzumaki!

Boruto fights a man named Kawaki on the Hokage Monument as Kawaki declares the age of shinobi is over. Boruto activates his right eye and says he too is a shinobi, revealing Konoha has been destroyed. Several years prior, Boruto is the son of Naruto, who is now the Seventh Hokage, and Hinata. Boruto and Shikadai ride on top of a train while eating lunch, and Shikadai reminds him tomorrow is the day of their Academy entrance ceremony but Boruto doesn’t care because he only wants to embarrass Naruto. Shikadai says Boruto is like the train: going down a Nameless path before finding his way, before leaving. Boruto sees a boy, Denki, being bullied and defends him. Boruto and Denki talk about their fathers, with Denki revealing his father is a billionaire businessman responsible for the train system in Konoha. Boruto encourages him to stand up to his father. Boruto returns home to his mother and sister, but is unsurprised Naruto is not home. Meanwhile Denki tries to stand up for himself but his father rejects him, saying Denki will win his approval by being strong. The next morning, Boruto is running late for the ceremony and sees Denki being controlled by an evil aura. Denki lures the bullies on a broken train and sends it driving towards another train with the intent of scaring them. Boruto intervenes and snaps Denki back to his senses, and manages to avoid the collision. However the train ends up crashing into Naruto’s stone face, causing Boruto to get suspended but he doesn’t reveal Denki’s involvement. The two become friends as they attend the Academy the next day.

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