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Beyblade Season 2 V-Force Episode 33 Hindi Dubbed Download

Beyblade Season 2 V Force Episode 33 Hindi Dubbed


Episode 33 – Rock Bottom!

Daitokuji Kaichou deciphers the words that are carved onto the mysterious rocks and reads the kids this warning; “Dare not disturb this stone, for here, the bit-beasts are sealed”, written in a dialect that dates back to the ancient China times. Dickinson shows them a picture taken at the only place in the world where such language is still spoken, and the kids realize the people depicted are wearing the same type of clothing as the Saint Shields. The decide to go after the team to ask questions. Yusufu takes them to Ozuma among the woods and he reveals the history of the bit-beasts to the Bladebreakers, telling them of their origin ten thousand years ago as benevolent spirits until evil men discovered how to control them and use them for their own malicious needs. The Saint Shields’ ancestors have tried to seal the four bit-beasts using the same beasts Ozuma and his mates have now, but they were too weak, and the bit-beasts escaped, never to be seen again. Since that time, the clan of the Saint Shields has made it their mission to seal the bit-beasts and save the world from destruction when the creatures reappear. since Dragoon, Dranzer, Driger and Draciel have all reappeared, it was time they did something to seal them back to the rock. Dunga issues a battle challenge to the Bladebreakers and Rei answers it with confidence, but Dunga’s new Vortex Ape proves too much for Driger and it is captured before a shocked Rei. Back at their warehouse, the Saint Shields seal Driger in the stone. The Bladebreakers go into training and Rei proves much less capable. Takao reprehends him for being unfocused and he leaves frustrated that nobody respects his difficult situation. He battles a few amateur fans and realizes that bit-beasts are not what beyblading is all about. He then meets Zeo and congratulates him for another win. Rei is still down and Kai talks to him so that he is back to focus. After seeing that his friends have been practicing all day, he realizes he is not the only one who’s affected by Driger’s capture and gets back to training. At the Psykick’s labs, Doctor K is informed about Driger’s capture and demands the researches to be accelerated.

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Episode 33 Hindi Dub Download

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