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Beyblade Season 2 Episode 9 Hindi Dubbed

Beyblade V Force Episode 9 Hindi Dubbed


Episode 9 – La Isla Bey-Nita

The Bladebreakers awake on an island (though initially unaware that it is an island) with electronic bracelets stuck in their arms. Through a speaker, Doctor B informs them that they are trapped and that the tournament is going to happen in that area, and that the only way they can escape is by battling Team Psykick members one by one. Meanwhile, Kaichou discovers that there was never a tournament booked for the stadium he went to, and the bus company never charted a bus for the Bladebreakers. Ozuma and Dunga (the mysterious beyblader who challenged Kai and convinced him out of his retirement) overhear the conversation from behind a corner and discuss their next moves. Back at the island, the Bladebreakers try to find a way out of the island, but are eventually forced to fight Chameleon, who specifically picks Max for a fight. His beyblade is able to change its colour just like a chameleon, but Max manages to defeat it by calling upon Draciel. Doctor B tries to have it captured, but Draciel easily tears the bit-beast capturing system apart. Shortly after, the group realizes they are trapped in an island and Takao hurts his leg.

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