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Beyblade Season 2 Episode 25 Hindi Dubbed

Beyblade V Force Episode 25 Hindi Dubbed


Episode 25 – Raising Kane!!

Following his defeat, Goki is thrown into a glass cage together with Salima, as a punishment for losing. Gideon is even more disappointed with Doctor B, but the scientist guarantees Kane will not fail. The Bladebreakers arrive at the top and last floor, where Takao is expected to face Kane. As with the previous battles, Doctor B sets a system to put Kane in unfair advantage: a recharging mechanism just above the stadium which Kane is easily able to reach by activating a jumping mechanism in the bottom tip of his beyblade. The fight is fierce from the get-go but as it progresses, Takao manages to get under Kane’s skin by telling him the only way to win is by using one’s skill, not relying on a manufactured bit-beast. Takao’s words hit a chord with Kane and he decides not to call out the Cyber Dragoon to fight for him. Instead, he wants to win it on his own. Gideon and Doctor B are incensed, but because Kane wants to win so badly, he summons up enough energy for Doctor B to force Cyber Dragoon out of the beyblade. Kane orders the scientist to stop, but his will to win eventually brings it out. The beast grows beyond control and puts Takao in clear disadantage. Meanwhile, Ozuma and his gang are lost within the massive building and frantically split up to race and find Draciel.


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