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Beyblade Season 2 Episode 14 Hindi Dubbed

Beyblade V Force Episode 14 Hindi Dubbed


Episode 14 – Gideon Raises Gerry

Ozuma accepts Takao’s challenge and they fight at the Saint Shield’s warehouse. As it rages on, Takao is forced to call out his Victory Tornado Attack in order to win. After the fight, Ozuma flippantly tells Takao he needs to “improve his bit-beast technique”. Meanwhile, Gideon oversees Doctor B who unveils the first stable Cyber bit-beast. This cloned power from the sacred bit-beasts has been compressed into one blade. Doctor B then introduces Gerry, one of the best Bladers Team Psykick has to offer and the one that was picked to control the Cyber bit-beast. The scientist also introduce the Cyber Launcher, a launcher with all data collected from beybladers from all the World. Gideon wants to have the beyblade tested before it engages in a battle against the Bladebreakers, so they enroll Gerry in a local tournament. Gerry reaches the semi-finals and draws out the Cyber Beast in battle to see how it handles. The Bladebreakers show up at the same tournament after an invitation of Kaichou just as Gerry calls out his bit-beast. The Beast goes totally out of control and self destructs, knocking Gerry out. Psykick’s men in black break into the stadium, collect Gerry and the blade and flee. Takao and the Bladebreakers watch and Ozuma is seen behind a wall, checking on the situation.


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