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Beyblade Season 2 Episode 11 Hindi Dubbed

Beyblade V Force Episode 11 Hindi Dubbed


Episode 11 – The Evil Island of Dr. B

Kai and Figel fight on top of a bridge while Kyojyu tries to hack into Psykick’s system in order to shut down the bit-beast capturing mechanisms. He makes it, but Kai manages to defeat his opponent without having to bring Dranzer out, anyway. Kyojyu, Kai and Hiromi then resume their quest to the lighthouse to get a clear satellite signal to get help from the outside. Finally they make contact, but not before they return to find Takao in battle against another member of Team Psykick, Daryl, the one who defeated a BBA training beyblader and earned the right for Psykick to challenge the Bladebreakers. Because Takao’s ankle is still hurt, he starts the battle in disadvantage, a condition that is worsened by the fact that the stadium is wet due to a waterfall next to it, but Deryl’s blade is unaffected since it has a spraying mechanism at the bottom tip of it. Hiromi and the others try to talk Takao out of the fight before he gets a permanent bruise, but Takao is determined to take the victory and get away from the island. In the end, Takao pulls off a win, sets Dragoon free from the bit-beast capturing mechanism and the island’s laboratory is destroyed. Doctor B and his team flee by boat. Soon after, Daitokuji Kaichou and Takao’s grandfather arrive in a helicopter to rescue the kids, and Ozuma and Dunga are seen on the island, relieved that the Bladebreakers are safe and that they “won’t have anyone else interfere with their plans”.


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