Avatar The Last Airbender Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)

Avatar The Last Airbender

Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Four nations. One war-torn world. Go back to the beginning and relive the epic saga of Avatar: The Last Airbender – the animated series that became a global phenomenon. After being frozen in an iceberg for 100 years, Avatar Aang, a reluctant hero, must rise to his responsibility and fight against the evil Fire Nation to restore balance in his war-torn world.

Book One: Water

Chapter 01- The Boy In the Iceberg
Katara and Sokka, a brother and sister from the Southern Water Tribe, discover a twelve-year-old boy frozen in an iceberg. Katara wonders if this boy is the Avatar whom the world has been waiting for for a hundred years. Of course, his enemies in the Fire Nation have also been waiting.

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