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Episode 28 – Southwestward

Connie grieves for the death of his family while his senior Lynn tries to assure him they might be still be alive since no bodies nor blood was found despite Gelgar’s suspicions since the village horses are still at their stables. As Connie rejoins his group to find the breach in the wall, the Titan in his house speaks to him, saying “Welcome Back.” Elsewhere, Ymir asks her seniors Nanaba and Henning to allow her and Christa to leave their group since they don’t have their gear which the latter tells Ymir not to worry about her. Eventually, both groups meet up but are surprised to discover there were no breaches at the Walls and rest up at Castle Utgard. Meanwhile, Hange explains to Eren that she discovered the hardened crystallized skin that Annie created from her Titan form is the same material that the Walls are made of which might help them seal the breach at Shiganshina if Eren can learn to do the same thing. After witnessing the flight of the people of Wall Rose due to the Titans, Pastor Nick tells Hange that a 104th Trainee can help her find the answers she seeks who is none other than Christa. Hange, Eren, Armin, Mikasa and her group head to Castle Utgard. At Castle Utgard, Titans led by the Beast Titan attack the castle despite it being night time forcing Gelgar, Lynn, Nanaba and Henning to defend the 104th Trainees.

Episode 28 Hindi Sub Watch Online

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Episode 28 Hindi Sub Download

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