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Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 22 Hindi Subbed Download/Watch Online

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Episode 22 – Defeated: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 6

Levi, who orders Mikasa to distract the Female Titan in order to get Eren back, successfully debilitates the Female Titan at high speeds, but he injures his leg in the process when saving Mikasa from the Female Titan after leaving herself vulnerable when attempting to finish off. Mikasa then goes with Levi, who retrieves Eren from inside the mouth of the Female Titan, leaving it badly wounded and slumped against a tree. The Scout Regiment mournfully retrieve the corpses of their fallen comrades, with Erwin ordering that the lost corpses be reported missing in action. However, a Scout named Dieter retrieves the corpse of his friend Ivan against this direct order, which draws the attention of two Titans to the retreating Scout Regiment. Mikasa kills one of the Titans to save Dieter, who loses both Ivan’s corpse and his friend Jurgen. In order to outrun the remaining Titan, Levi reluctantly orders some of the corpses, including Petra’s, be disposed of in order to lighten the wagon’s load. Later, Eren wakes up from a dream of his past to find himself and the Scout Regiment back at town, safely behind Wall Sina. He becomes angry upon hearing the townspeople berate the Scout Regiment’s ineptitude, until he sees a boy who admires their bravery, which sends him into tears. All the while, a shocked Levi is questioned by Petra’s father over his daughter’s whereabouts, who reveals that Petra planned on devoting her life to Levi. The townspeople also become enraged and upset at Erwin over the failure of the mission and the casualties that were sustained. As a result of the failed expedition, Erwin and his subordinates are summoned to the capital, where the final decision of Eren’s custody will be made.

Episode 22 Hindi Sub Watch Online

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